How to report incident?

If you witness an emergency incident endangers:

Stay calm and take care of your safety.

Call 112

24/7 free emergency number

Answer operator`s questions:


Determine what is the address of the incident

Detail the exact address of the incident - city, street name, house and apartment number. Determine the road number, chainage posts on the highway, beach or trail designation, describe characteristic points in the area.


Describe what happened

Explain why you need help and what services should be provided.


Check if there are any injured persons

Define the number and condition of people injured in the incident.


Provide your contact information

Introduce yourself with your full name and provide your phone number.


Do not hang up before the operator

When medical assistance is needed, you will be redirected to a medical dispatcher.

The operator will forward all information to appropriate services.


  • You don`t need to speak Polish to call 112.
  • If you do not speak Polish, the conversation will be conducted by an operator who speaks your language; please, provide information about the language you use.
  • Check if there is any Polish speaking person nearby. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Remember, take care of your safety and call directly from the scene of the incident, it helps operator to get all necessary information.
  • Try to determine the address of the incident. If its pronunciation is difficult for you, try to spell it.
  • Remember to answer the questions and do not hang up until the operator provides you further instructions.

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